Pulse Survey

How Financial Professionals are Operating in this Era of Uncertainty

InspereX, in partnership with Red Zone Marketing, has recently conducted the seventh iteration in a series of studies to uncover how successful financial professionals are generating business in 2022 by improving their operations, communications, and marketing.

799 wealth managers, fiduciaries, financial planners and brokers across broker-dealers, wirehouses, banks, and RIAs responded:
Market Forecast

Market Forecast

50% of advisors forecast the stock market to be down by the end of 2022

Client Concerns

Advisor & Client Concerns

1. Inflation
2. Market Volatility
3.Rising Interest Rates

Market Forecast

Average Portfolio Performance

70% of advisors say their non-retired client accounts are down 1-14%
21% say performance is down15-24%

Returning to the Office


30% of advisors say that their clients are talking about delaying retirement due to market

Generational Relationships

Client Meetings

46% In-Person
33% via Phone
(ex: Zoom, WebEx, etc.)

Top 5 Growth Strategies

Top 6 Growth Strategies

1) Referrals without asking
2) Asking for referrals from clients and strategic alliances
3) In person networking
4) Email marketing
5) Email newsletter to prospects
5) Live client appreciation events

View Pulse Survey Resources:

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PDF Report

detailing the results of the survey

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outlining key findings with expert qualitative analysis and commentary

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