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How Financial Professionals are Operating in 2023

InspereX, in partnership with Red Zone Marketing, has recently conducted the eighth iterartion in a series of research studies to learn how financial services businesses are shaping their business operations, portfolios, marketing and communications in 2023.
705 wealth managers, fiduciaries, financial planners and brokers across more than 50 broker-dealers and banks responded:

Advisor & Client Concerns

1. Market Volatility
2. Inflation
3. Rising Interest Rates


Client Sentiment in Light of Market Volatility

51% of Clients are not Worried
49% of Clients Seem to be More Worried Than Ever


Minimizing Risk

54% of Surveyed Advisors Employ Market-Linked Notes / Structured Products to Minimize Risk in a Portfolio

Downside Protection

Downside Protection

90% of Clients Would Trade a Portion of Equity Market Upside for Equity Downside Protection


Inflation Protection

1. Equities
2. Market-Linked Notes / Structured Products
3. ETFs

Top 5 Growth Strategies

Most Successful Prospecting Strategies

1. Referrals Without Asking
2. Asking For Referrals From Clients & Strategic Alliances
3. In Person Networking

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How Financial Professionals Are Operating in 2023